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'Oijo' is a colloquialism derived from the Bengali words 'oi jay', meaning "out there". 

These two simple words define us. 

Since 2010, we have been at the forefront of new media innovation in areas such as digital and social media, podcasts, video content, music, cinema, culture and politics. We intend to continue in this vein, breaching new frontiers with new ideas. 

Our story:


Oijo is the story of three childhood friends from Kolkata, now based in Delhi. It was begun by Pragya Tiwari and Kavi Bhansali who were later joined by Rishi Majumder. The three were united by common journeys - all three had studied law, done experimental theatre and worked in the media, together as well as on their own - and common frustrations: they couldn't believe how limited opportunities in Indian media were. 

They believed that India had a large and growing number of consumers for high-quality media that was subject-defined (eg. pegged on cinema, music, history, policy, luxury… ). They believed that, if they innovated new forms of expression and outreach and brought forth fresh ideas and voices - along with the best of those that were well-established - connected with specific subject areas, they would be able to build up a dedicated base of consumers that would consume as well as pay for excellent content in areas that interested them. Such an untapped consumer base would be well suited to advertisers and sponsors who wished to position their brands and products to catch their attention. 


They understood that, to do this well, they would have to do it themselves. And so Oijo's story began. 


In 2012, we brought BalconyTV, a global, online, award-winning music show, to India. BalconyTV discovered independent and indigenous musicians and presented original music by them in videos shot in balconies, against views that characterised cities. We ran the show from Delhi and Mumbai creating over 300 episodes in all. The show was featured on MTV Indies for a year and partnered with brands such as Pernod Ricard and RODE Microphones.


In 2012 we founded the award-winning cinema and culture webzine The Big Indian Picture or, simply, TBIP. TBIP was a coming together of prominent and path-breaking filmmakers, writers, actors, cinematographers, photographers, designers and artists from India and abroad. It featured in-depth masterclass style video interviews and roundtables, photo-essays, art as well as long-form narrative and opinion pieces. Video interviews from TBIP were also broadcast on the evening nine o'clock slot on NDTV Good Times. The webzine won the Press Club Red Ink Award for Lifestyle & Entertainment in the Print category and was the first runner up in the Television category. 


Digital Content: 

Oijo has also produced high-end digital content for other media houses, clients and partners. While many digital content companies exist today, we specialise in creating not just a high quality of content but also the narratives and stories that need telling.

We have been content partners with Jodhpur RIFF since 2010. Jodhpur RIFF has been listed as one of the world's best international music festivals by Songlines magazine and been endorsed by UNESCO as a "Peoples" Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”. As a part of our partnership, we have created RIFF Diaries - part virtual museum, part webzine - with text (interviews, narrative pieces, opinion), photographs and videos. 


Oijo has also covered Indian national and state elections. We took to the Indian election trail in 2014 and covered eight Indian states, shooting a series of incisive video interviews themed around the idea of the most interesting candidates for the Indian parliament, across parties, being questioned on key local, regional and national issues that would affect their constituents. The videos were hosted on India.com and their transcripts were published on DNA.com. 


We have also produced content for Huffington Post (Breakfast with Huffpost) and the Jaipur Music Stage, among other clients. 



The Future: 

We're working to launch a history website through which we hope to change the way audiences perceive and connect with Indian history. We have in our sights two other projects: one has to do with luxury, the other with policymaking. Alongside these ventures, we intend to continue creating high-value online content for clients and partners.


At Oijo, every team member brings a different set of core competencies and things they’re excited about to the table. We push ourselves and each other to the hilt, having a ball while we're doing so. The qualities we cherish most include an eagerness to know and learn, original thinking and an infectious enthusiasm to get things done, always, at any cost.


Pragya Tiwari 

Director, Oijo

Pragya Tiwari has been a journalist for over 15 years. As Editor-in-Chief or Editor, she has led, or founded and led, new media initiatives like the award winning webzine The Big Indian Picture, Tehelka.com, and Vice India and has been Creative Director of BalconyTV in India.


She is the Regional Director, India, for global arts, culture and heritage consultancy Flint Culture.


She is a columnist and commentator on politics, policy, fashion, arts, cinema, culture, books, theatre and cinema for leading publications in India and abroad such as The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Elle, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Quartz, Bloomberg Quint, Mint Lounge, Telegraph, DNA, Wire and First Post. Her pieces are widely circulated on social media and generate readership as well as discussion, often leading the discourse on existing issues or shining the light on new ones. 


Pragya holds an LLB and human rights degree from Cardiff University and an Executive Master of Public Administration from the London School of Economics. She has consulted governments and international organisations on development and culture related policy and is a director in the law firm RKT Legal. 


She is also a public speaker on politics, policy and culture and gives talks and appears as a commentator at conferences, literature festivals and on television in India and abroad, including Oxford University and the King's College, London, the Jaipur Literature Festival, the Times of India Literary Carnival, NDTV and Al Jazeera. She is also the Program Director for Bridge Talks, an acclaimed initiative on gender dialogues promoted by Caravan magazine and Delhi Press.


Pragya, who has been a distinguished theatre critic for literary, academic and journalistic publications, is a founder member of the Indian Theatre Critics Association. Every year, during the Prithvi Theatre Festival she conducts conversations on theatre with India's most eminent theatre persons, in a series called StageTalk. She has also been involved in theatre in other ways including playwriting, acting and designing costumes and sound and music for Mumbai's experimental theatre. 



She is driven by the creative vision of exploring, originating and growing ideas that lie at the cross-section of policy, culture, history, fashion and media. She excels at conceptualising, then founding new ventures and building and leading teams to execute them to their full potential. 


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